HAF 922

I just got my cooler master haf 922 case for my build in today and like a moron i accidently spilt the little bag of stand offs and screws that came with it. I was wondering where i can get them replace if at all.. thanks :(
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    you can contact cooler master directly but tigerdirect, microcenter and newegg all sell spare ones
  2. i saw newegg had these for sale: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0KR0M66693

    But my questions is will they fit and screw on my HAF 922 case?
  3. yes ive mix and matched thumb screws, case screws, and stand offs from rosewill, corsair, antec, and cooler master...maybe some others even, i forget

    this may be a better bargain
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  5. Awsesome I'll order some then! Thanks
  6. send an email or call we u bought your case.

    or you can buy what mr.ferrett recommanded.

    hope it works out for ya. ice
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