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I am about to buy another case, and I'm thinking of mixing it up a bit. Instead of the usual black, I cose to go with a white case. I could have some black traces, but the majority of it has to be white. I have to be able to fit an E-ATX mobo (Maximus V Fomula). I also have 2 Asus Gtx 680 Direct CU II OC editions in SLI, and I have 2 HDDs, and 4 SSDs.
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  1. so many brands now offer their cases in white you have a ton of options

    how about the thermaltake Overseer RX-I Snow Edition?
  2. Hello.
    Level 10 Limited Edition

    But if you cant find this due to the limited production:
    Level 10 GT Snow Edition
  3. Memnarchon said:

    Wait, isn't that case discontinued? I think they only made 300 of this case.
  4. does the limited edition take e-ATX mobos?
  5. dirtyferret said:
    does the limited edition take e-ATX mobos?

    Oh deeply sorry. You are right. I didn't checked the e-ATX part. Then only the Level 10 GT is available for e-ATX
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