HELP! Just got my HD 6950 Sapphire but have power connections question

Hello guys previously I asked what card I should upgrade to and since the ATI Radeon HD 6950 was on sale I opted for it... Link:
Now I got the card in my PCI Express Slot and have it locked into place but I'm not sure If I'm good plugging one 6 pin connector ( 3 on top 3 on bottom ) into one of the 6 pin slots on the card when there is 2.
I know on the bag the card was in it says the following:

You Must connect
this graphics board to
the computers
power supply.

My PSU is 900w Antek for the record.

Then in the numbered diagram it goes as following.
1 Graphics card
2 Power supply
3 Power cable connectors
4 Graphics card power connectors
5 Power connectors to the graphics card
6 Power cable from power supply
And it shows pictures and all and there is a box for number ( 4 ) that says

Connector(s) option:
1x4 pin, 1x6 pin, 1x8 pin,
2x4pin,2x6 pin, 2x8 pin, 1x8 pin+1x6 pin.

So far I can only plug in 1x6 pin so am I good with just that one plugged into the card when there is another 6 pin open?

For number 5 there is a box that says
Connector(s) option:
1x4 pin, 1x6 pin, 1x8 pin, 2x4pin, 2x6pin,2x8 pin,1x8 pin+1x6 pin.

I'm just really confused... I have 1x6 pin plugged in which is that plug with 3ontop and 3 onbottom... which is what my old gpu used a Ati Radeon HD 5750.
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  1. you need to connect 2 six pin connectors,the card wont work with only one 6 pin connector.....
  2. The 6950 is different to your old 5750. It needs two 6-pin (2x3) PCI-E Connectors to work and it will not work if you put only one.

    This is your PSU right?

    You should have another 6 (2x3) pin PCI-E connector.
  3. HCG-900 ?

    Four gold-plated 8 (6+2)-pin PCI-E connectors for multiple-graphics card configurations

    PCI-Express Connector 4 x 6+2-Pin

    Looks like you have 4 of them.... you plug the 6 in and leave the other 2 dangling.

    Ya card is in a PCI-E slot so ya plug in the ones that say PCI-E on them
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