Need help finding a case that will hold a hd 6870!

Like the title says I need help finding a case that will hold this hd 6870:

I would like the case to be mid tower and under $50!
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    Suggest it for 3 different people today!!!!

    I've seen people using this case with mid range to high end cards like 570 or 670. It should support 6870 easily.
  2. Any case should hold that. Check out the Antec 300 on Amazon. Don't buy cases from Newegg, Amazon has free shipping.
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    Yes go buy from amazon if you want too.

    But I still advise the source 210 than the antec 300.

    EDIT: sorry. Mistake
  4. Thanks and now im actually going with a gtx 560 ti fpb and you said that antec 300 will hold it right?
  5. Both Source 210 and the antec 300 will hold it fine. What makes you go for the Antec 300 by the way?
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