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how do i find out which case is right for the parts i have. i have a graphics card, 500w power supply, a disk player and burner, and two hard drives. a ddr3 motherboard
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  1. you buy a case according to how much money you spent on the hardware. if your rig is under 800 dollars, you should be looking for something around the 50-60 dollar mark. if the rig overall is around 1000+ you should be looking at something around 80+.

    the case id recommend for 80 bucks is the fractal define r4
  2. Biggest concern is your space and budget; here's some general suggestions: (low budget) (very popular, roomy, bottom mount ps) (micro atx htpc case for small spaces)

    Take a measurement of your space and decide if you want an upright or flat case; I like flat so I can place my monitor on top. The first two cases I linked can work with any newer motherboard and the items on your list.
  3. If your using a full sized ATX motherboard, then you can't use a mATX case. Then all your really looking for is space, and how many fans you want to have. You can buy the cheapest POS cases and they'll work fine. Maybe not as sturdy, and sometimes PSU screw holes won't all line up, but they'll still work. Just check reviews and stuff, some really really bad ones will have shorting issues and stuff, just watch out for things like that.
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