What upgrade?

at the moment ive got a

core i5 2400
8gb ddr3
z68 motherboard
a hd4670 (carried over from last build)
750 watt ocz psu

what would be the more worth while upgrade

a 512gb ssd, looking at crutial m4, spotted some for £300

or would i be better off getting a better graphics card

or should i wait till 23rd september and get both at once? (2 pay packets away)

(so £600 for both components)

(my games on there own take up 240gb and over 120gb on c drive (games are on a seperate partition to make backups quicker) and data on another drive so don't think of that

thinking of a 7850

what do you guys think?

trying to future proof it for a while
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  1. Obviously video card is waaaay old.
  2. SSD will give you overall perfomance boost but the GPU will improve gaming the most.
  3. I would have to second upgrading the GPU is probably your better option to start then I would consider an SSD down the road. However with being unsure what your video card price point is I would say wait until the Nvidia 660 Ti comes out as its supposed to come in somewhere between 250 and 299 if the rumours are to be believed and would be a nice complement to your setup and a better performer than the 500 series you would currently most likely be looking at were you to go nvidia.
  4. I think you should look here: Scan, Overclockers, Dabs, Misco, Pixmania, Ebuyer and Aria (amongst others ;) ).
    You'll get the best boost with a new graphics card.
    Have a read here:


    Not Gospel but handy, particularly the chart at the end.
  5. Both!
  6. you don't necessarily need a 512 SSD, or do you?
    Would you get by with a less expensive 128gb SSD (+data HDD if you need) ,
    then you'll have budget or be close to getting the video card upgrade too?

    If you're using steam, search on "mklink steam" on how to pick and choose to move your games to a different drive when you're done actively playing them
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