Does this fan profile look okay? (image included)

Here is my custom fan profile using MSI Afterburner...

Would you say that this fan profile is okay?

Do you have any recommendations on how I should alter it?

Thank you so much.

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  1. I would have it flatline at 20% until it hits 40c....usually with fans over 20-30% is audible...once it hits 40c I would have it ramp up linearly until it hits 80c at 80c it should be 100% I dont like my gpu's going anywhere near 90c thats too hot for me I want to stop it from getting close to there..its all about preference with noise vs. performance so its really up to you...your fan profile would could test it out and keep an eye on temps and listen for the acoustics and determine if you like it or not
  2. I use this one:

    Though I have some aggressive overclocking :P.
  3. I use one similar to Sunius - when you are not gaming or doing heavy graphics intensive apps - no need to hear the fan. When gaming I get the fans going early and let them fly - I can't here them anyway - headset on.
  4. Thanks guys, but while the 6970 (and I have two of them) are notorious for noise, I also wear a headset so noise isn't what I'm particularly concerned about.

    I don't want to wear out the card by running the fan at full blast. So far, my temps stay between 70 and 75. The reason I posted the question was I was worried that maybe my profile is too aggressive - after seeing Sunius' profile - I guess maybe not.
  5. Also, you will not wear the fan out due to spinning - it's actually better to keep card cooler than to let fan spin slower.
  6. yea no you are ok its not too aggressive at all...I have ran my gtx 285 fans at 100% for almost three years now (dont make fun of me I know it sounds like a jet engine) and they have not cut out yet
  7. Thanks a lot guys - full blast fans it shall be.

    And now that I am no longer worried about that, maybe I will finally start playing with the voltage and overclock these puppies - that's where the Cayman architecture really shines, from what I hear, overclocking.

    I figure if I can keep it at 70-75 degrees @ 925/1395 with stock voltage and 50% fans, I should be able go ahead and take them on up to 950/1450 like everyone else.

  8. That's little overclocking.. I've clocked my GTX 560 Ti from 822/1004 to 975/1125 :).
  9. Sunius said:
    That's little overclocking.. I've clocked my GTX 560 Ti from 822/1004 to 975/1125 :).

    Very cool. :)
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