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  1. Vastly overkill for gaming. Somewhat overkill for video editing/number crunching unless your on a professional level.

    Could get a much cheaper system that will do the same job.

    Common problem with pre-builts is bad PSU's. Only info given on this is "1000W", so I assume its a generic unit that will get nowhere near that output.

    Just read the description for it.
    "This system is designed for the part-time gamer or gamer on a budget who doesn't want to miss out on the hottest titles."
    $2500 machine... I laughed.
  2. What is a good prebuilt system on Amazon that you could recommend kind sir? I would like to be able to max out most things at 1920x1080.
    Thanks :)
  3. Gah, all of these pre-builts are so unbalanced. Either they have an overkill processor (an i7 or a 2011 chip) and pathetic GPU's in Crossfire/SLI (HD7770, 550ti), or the complete reverse and pair a decent card with an FX-4100.

    My advice is to build your own. It will come much cheaper, more powerful and greater upgradability than these builds.

    Only one of these pre-builts I would suggest you get is this one.
    Then put in your own graphics card and PSU. Though considering that the page itself cant decide whats in it (says an i7 in the picture despite the spec sheet saying an i5-3570k, no HD7750 in the sheet yet claims it a bit further down). I would just build a machine yourself.
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