Pentium D 925 upgrade to dual core e-6700?


I wanted to upgrade my CPU on my outdated desktop (Dell Dimension E510). It currently uses a Pentium D 925 processor. I wanted to upgrade to the best CPU my current motherboard could support, and did some research on the matter. The motherboard is a Connolly E187242, and using Intel's website, I saw the best processor compatible with the 945g express chipset used currently would be the Intel Core 2 Duo E6700.

I went ahead and ordered one, installed it, and now the console just displays a solid amber light (Dell says: The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed). The green light on the motherboard lights up and the graphics card runs, and since it ran just before I replaced the CPU, I have to believe that is the cause. The screen also doesn't display.

Does this suggest the processor isn't compatible after all?

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  1. Might need a bios update to support it.

    Is your power supply up to the task?
  2. That model only supports up to Pentium D
  3. I'm not sure a bios update will fix it. I'm already on the A05 patch, and the newest one, the A07, only improves OROM initialization (not really sure what that means to be honest). I hadn't thought about the power supply b/c the processor uses less power than the original. I could give it a shot though.
  4. nnorton44 said:
    That model only supports up to Pentium D

    It appears you are correct, but I don't understand how that's the case. I thought all I needed to match up was the socket type (LGA775) and the chipset compatibility (945G)
  5. Unfortunately Pentium D 945 was reported to work with a few hiccups here this is as fast as you can go sorry to bring not so good news.
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