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Hey Guys,

I just installed Windows 7 from the Microsoft website on my new ASUS X83Vb Laptop. So far I installed the chipset drivers from the ASUS website and thats it so far other than nvidia drivers from NVIDIA. At this point everything is working well except I can not see my DVD Rom. My C and D drive are showing up in My Computer but I can not get my DVD Rom to show up or even open when I hit the external button. Does anyone have any advise on what I can do to fix this???

Also my hot keys at the top of the keyboard no longer work and they dont control the performance settings now. Anyway to get that to work.

Here is a link to my Laptops drivers, so you can see what I might need to download.

Thanks for your help,

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    Sounds like the same issue XP had and then Vista.

    Basically they had registry issues after certain updates that made the device manager say "sure your dvd drive is here but im not gonna give you access or an icon"

    Not sure about windows 7 but sounds like a similar fault. Since it's rather new you might be out of luck for the moment but you could try to google a registry fix for it.
    Solved xp/vista many times with that.
  2. I had similar issue.

    I rebooted to BIOS, double-checked the drive order and disabled a couple things I don't use, like the floppy 3.5 drive socket and then went back to Windows.

    Upon reboot, all my drives appeared in the drive listing with appropriate icons and labels.

    But after going over it again, I think it just takes a double-reboot on Win 7 to get your hardware identified after you install it or change it around.

    So you would install your drives how you want, boot to BIOS, make sure the boot order is set, then go to Windows and then restart again.

    That's how I fixed mine.

    Everything works fine now.

    For some reason, Windows 7 is not refreshing for drive changes after the initial reboot - probably just a bug.
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