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I recently upgraded my system from WIN98 to XP. The upgrade went smoothly and everything seemed to work perfectly for a while. However, after a few weeks, the OS loading times suddenly increased, to the point that at the moment it takes 4 to 5 minutes for the computer to do a full boot up, with most of the time spent at the "Welcome" screen. The problem was sudden, not gradual, and I have checked the system for viruses and it turns out to be clean. There have been no hardware changes either ...

I don't know if anyone out there has any explanation for this, but I am rather concerned!!

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  1. I am also having this same problem. It seems the only way for me to pass the welcome screen is to press alt ctrl delete.
  2. shot in the dark...

    Backup your data, delete then recreate your user account and restore everything to it.

    Might have a bunk profile or something.
  3. Try the "BootVis" from Micro$oft
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