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HD 7770GHz edition 2gb vs hd 6870 1gb for gaming!

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  1. the HD 6870 would be the faster card
  2. what about a hd 6870 vs gtx 560 vs hd 5870 which would win?
  3. Here's a good place to check these things out: (the 5870 is slightly faster in most situations but uses more power; the 560 is basically a tossup with the 6870)

    Also note that quantity of VRAM has little effect on the frame rate unless you're talking about high resolution or very high AA settings. 1GB is enough for your typical mid-range card running at 1080p or below. 2GB is better, but that should rarely be the reason that you choose one card over another. In the case of the 7770, it's dramatically less powerful than the other cards, so going to 2GB is irrelevant.
  4. I would grab the HD 6870.

    Ok thanks for the link and is that ^^ a good deal and a 560 ti is better than all of those other cards right?
  6. yes.
  7. GTX 560 Ti is 10-15% ahead of HD 6870/GTX 560.
  8. Okay thanks and one more thing I know I probably shouldn't ask this in these forums but I don't want to make a new thread just for this. Can anyone reccomend a mobo under $100 that supports sli?
  9. What kind of motherboard? Intel/amd? what socket, what processor?
  10. I don't care what brand, Intel lga 1155, i3-2120
  11. Unfortunately your budget is quite low for sli mobo, if you can add 35 more bucks then you'll be able to get an sli compatible mobo,
  12. What about this board:

    Does it support sli?
  13. No, it doesn't support sli only crossfirex supported.
  14. I'm not sure precisely what figures in your calculus here, but it seems strange to prioritize SLI on a generally budget build. Just get the best single card you can, and worry about SLI later if you want to. For example, although I'm a fan of the core i3 for budget builds, you'll want a new processor in a few years; just get a new mobo then too. The economy will be better, you'll have more money, everyone wins...
  15. This board meets your requirements, it supports both SLI and Crossfire and costs $90:
  16. So motorneuron what board do you recommend then?
  17. Well you can safely get any of the 6x or 7x boards, since you don't need any of the fancy features--no overclocking for your i3-2100 and just a single fast PCIe slot is required for your 560 or 560 Ti. (even pcie 2.0 x16 would be fine.) However, I think it's best for me to defer to motherboard experts on this one--video and CPUs are more my thing. Sunius seems to have unearthed a decent board for under $100 that still does do SLI, though, so you could consider that.
  18. Ok and the mobo that he suggested can't be ordered.
  19. Oh my bad :(.

    This one is SLI capable at just above $100:
  20. You could also save a bunch of money and just go for something cheaper, an H61 even, e.g. this:
  21. its okay and I'm just going to go with a gigabyte H61 like he^ said and upgrade later and go with a gtx 560 ti fpb now
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    while on another thread I put together some charts relative to this thread.
    I hope this helps, 1200 resolution..

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