Hey guys,
I found this weird...
At 4.8ghz (CPU) 3D mark shows 0mhz Yet at 4.4ghz it shows 4.4ghz ?
My memory doesnt get showed at 4.8 but it does at 4.4
And my score went down from 12000 to 11800 yet i increased both my 7970's 75 more mhz and my cpu 400mhz

I find this weird any help would be great.

i72700k 2x msi lightning ghz 7970
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  1. i'd personally rely on CPU-Z for the CPU speed reports over anything else. just remember that more speed does not always mean more performance and it may not be 100% stable. try running the unigine benchmarker and look for any dodgy artifacts or tearing.
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