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So i just got done building my little brother his own computor but i ran across a slight bit of confusion. The Graphics card i got (EVGA GTX480) requires a 8pin and 6 pin connection. But with the PSU i bought (XION 850W) the 8pin connector wont fit due to the different shapes of the pins. How else would i go about connecting the Graphics card? Thanks alot
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    You are trying to use the wrong connector. there are 2 X 6 +2 Pin PCIE connectors so that's a block of 6 with 2 extra hanging from them. these are the Graphics card power cables. Push the two extra up to make 8 and use those ones.
    I believe you are trying to use the CPU power connector.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Yes that should be true, you're not using the proper connectors. The PCI-E 8-pin plug is the 6+2Pin one.
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  4. That makes sense. oops i totally neglected the cpu power or else it would have been clear to me on which to use :). Its nice knowing you can always count on a forum like this to help you through even the slightest mess ups. Thanks Mactronix
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