Do I need Dust Filters or Is mesh enough??

I have been tossing up a few cases and I tend to love a case and then find out it has no dust filters for its intake fans. Is this a bit issue?? or does it just make cleaning a little bit easier??
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  1. Without dust filters it can be an issue if you don't clean your PC regularly because the dust will enter easily in your case and it may cause cooling problems.
    With them you'll only need to wash/vacuum the dust filter and put it back in the case. It does make cleaning easier.
  2. You know off any good mid/full tower cases that come with dust filters?? Any budget. Also can you buy fans with filters??
  3. Do either of these two cases copme with filters? I am not sure what to look for.

    NZXT Phantom 410:
    NZXT Phantom:

    I really wanted the CM Storm Stryker but at the moment is is very expensive in NZ

    Also if I got a NZXT case without filters, can I buy for example one of those silverstone filters and install them in any case??
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