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Hey Guys ,

I wanted to begin game server hosting on a small scale (only 1 REAL server). just wanted to ask which servers are good for this .. each gameserver requires around 1 ghz processing power & around 125 kilobytes/sec net speed .. Any Ideas ?? :o

(btw srry if this is wrong place to post this .. didnt know where elso to post :ange: )

Yours ,

KEEP ROCKING !!! :sol:
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  1. I have an almost stock XPS8500(I added a SSD) and I can run a minecraft server with no lag with 20 people on it. Though part of it is connection speed so if you have comcast internet you won't run into any problems with less than 30 people. If you want to play on the server on the same computer that your hosting it on you will want at least a i5 2nd or 3rd gen CPU and a decent GPU so yyou don't rely on you CPU for running the graphics for the game.
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