I cannot open yahoo messenger

I have a question how to open yahoo messenger if local area connection is unplugged i think is just the problem why i cannot access in yahoo messenger thank you! take care!
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  1. yim only lets you view your addresses when its connected to its network. if you are not connected to the internet then it cant log in
  2. Thank you for the information but still i cannot log in on yahoo messenger it still not working cause i don't know how to fix it. :sol: i'm Sorry for late reply cause i'm to busy I am a student and hopefully this problem is solve. :p Thank you. God bless!
  3. there is a yahoo program, a web based applet and many 3rd party programs that will let you log into yahoo. can you access yahoo through a web browser? perhaps try trillian or some other 3rd party chat messenger? what kinds of error messages are you getting?

    if its just an issue with the yahoo application then you should be able to log in through the website or through the 3rd party programs. if however you can not log in through the website or the 3rd party then it makes sense that its an issue with your account or your internet blocking the connection.
  4. I try to download the third party yahoo messenger but i cannot install it maybe you right it's the connection is reset therefore I cannot use it then my brother's and sister's told me what I'm doing i said the internet connection is reset :sarcastic: so I has search the way to connect it i used dial up and connection bridge but the yahoo messenger did not work so I don't know how to work it how to return it the connection problems! Thank's for the help :lol: for the information that you gave! I try to inquire to another site and to another people but this the only site has answer my question! Take care and God bless I try to inquire again to another site and to another people! Thank's!
  5. it sounds to me like while connecting you are timing out. your computer is sending and acknowledged reception of packets to slowly for yahoos servers. I have not used dial up in 10 years but i would expect that is where your problem lies. a slow connection form bad lines or just that you have to many other network programs running and its increasing your latency to high or causing packet loss.

    go to www.pingtest.net and run that. it will tell you your pings and if you have any packet loss. packet loss is not good and means your data is not reaching the server or vice versa.

    also open comand line via the run menu and type: ping www.yahoo.com

    this will show you how high your ping is to yahoo's website. a normal ping is 50-70 a high ping is 100-300 and typicaly applications start to time out around 1000-1500 ping. anything between 150 and up you will notice laggy responce in web browsers.
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