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Ok so ive just recently been getting into all this computer stuff and finally am about to build my first build. and my friend wants to slowly upgrade his computer to be just as good as mine. i told him that in February he can have my motherboard and for Christmas he can have my chassis, cause im gonna upgrade both of those around then. cause i got a microATX H77 and i wanna get a normal ATX H77, and my chassis isnt water cooling ready so im going to give him that and upgrade to a water cooling chassis.(and if you could tell me if you know any good water cooling chassis' that are at most $100 that be great! and the cheaper the better lol)

ANYWAYS so at Christmas time he gonna get the same processor, power supply, and graphics card as me. Which is an I5 3450, XFX 550w, and a Radeon 7950.

Now here's the problem ive been researching all night to find out the motherboard and current specs on his Emachine el1352 and finally have them and i still don't know if he can put in an I5 onto his motherboard. So i thought id come here and ask and hopefully someone will know!

So here's his motherboard: http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/motherboard-el1352-03-specs/

and here's the full PC: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883114085

when he originally got it, it came with 2 gigs of ram so he put 2 more in. and he upgraded the graphics card, but we arn't sure which one it is.

So basically we just wanna know, so that we know that if he has to wait till i give him the motherboard till he can use his processor and graphics card.

and if he cant, should i just give him the motherboard first and get my motherboard on Christmas and get the new chassis in February?

oh yeah and we are also wondering if he can even just put in the graphics card.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. That is a slimline pc. The most you could do is upgrade the RAM and get a low-end low profile gpu.
  2. Sorry for double posting, but also, did you even upgrade the PSU? A 7950 would light on fire with that setup.
  3. Sorry for double posting, but also, did you even upgrade the PSU? A 7950 would light on fire with that setup.
  4. yeah hes gonna get a 550w. and thanks we were just wondering. so should i just upgrade my motherboard and give him the microatx first? that way he can use his processor and graphics card?
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