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  1. is there some specific reason you went with lga2011 vs 1155 ? with a fast 1155 set up you would spend so much less money for your core components and have something just as fast or faster.
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    I wouldn't really bother with an X79 platform unless you NEED the extra PCI-E lanes or extra Memory Bandwidth. Also, it's not really worth going X79 unless you go with a 3930k or higher IMO, any 1155 CPU will be able to be just as fast in most applications.
  3. >OP here
    This is great! and I was less worried about socket type and I picked the best processor with the best corresponding dollar value...
    Swifty, the 1155 would be better now, but going for the other one would make more options for upgrades in the future yeah?
  4. Also, have any of you tried RAID and would recommend it? Just curious if it actually helps.
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