New CPU-Rate it please????????

Friends, Please rate my system

I bought a new system and here is my cofig. Due to budget constraints this month, i bought this::

MotherBoard: ASUS P8B75-V :)

Processor: Intel G630 2.7GHz dual core processor :(

RAM: 8GB Corsair

HDD: 500GB Segate harddisk

Initially I thought of buying Asus mobo with i3 2120 processor....but due to budget constraint I went for G630 processor.

Can you please suggest if my decision is right or wrong ??

My main reason for this CPU: To work on my business applications , surfing and little gaming for now.

Please suggest and rate

Also, please suggest me any graphics card to buy in future to play games.

I am a noob and new to this. apologies if any wrong questions :)
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  1. You don't seem to have made any outlying mistakes with the components that you have listed here, but I'm curious about your PSU.

    The Pentium should do well except maybe in some very CPU intensive games (basically, don't expect BF3 MP to run too well, at least not without CPU-related settings turned either down or completely disabled, if even then).

    What is your budget for your graphics card? If it's around $100-150, then I recommend a Radeon 7770.
  2. thanks for the reply:-) but my budget for graphics card will be even less than this < 100$

    What would be the best card for my Asusp8b75-v mobo ?
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    If you can afford one, a Radeon 7750 is usually the next best thing. It can be found a little under $100. Maybe you'd be better off waiting a while to save up some more money.
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