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Hi everyone, my name is marcus and i'm tring to raise fund for my upcoming diy project rig.

The rig itself consisting of:
- 6 screens
- The pc rig itself (specs can be find on the site)
- Logitech G27 racing wheel
- Logitech Attack 3
- 7.1 Surround system

There is also a rough 3D model of the finish product on the page for visualizing.

The aim of this DIY project is to have a distribution of features and uses. Firstly as you all multiple screen means the increasing of productivity. As i do programming and video editing, that will be a great boast. Apart from serious work i sure will like some side track leisure, having able to play some Sim racing games like rFactor on a 3 screen or even a 6 screen will allow a total immerse into the simulation world. Together with the 7.1 Surround Sound System, watching movies will never be a alone thing As i will get to watch and spend time together with my friends and family members.

It had always been my dream to rig up such a wonderful console that not just serve the serious and work side but also the fun and relax side. Due to certain constrain of balancing out work and studies i've haven been able to raise such a huge amount of fund for it to work out.

Therefore I'm using gofundme.com as a platform for raising this fund for my project. Knowing that there is always kind souls out there that just willing to put out a helping hand to help. Hopefully i will be able to hit my target and build up this rig.

On a side note feature, if you leave by your name i'll rig up your name on my system! When it's done i will be updating on the page itself.

Every single bits matters and i hope you can help me to achieve my dream rig. Every bit of your help is greatly appreciated and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The page is located at
uses paypal as a platform for donations.

Thank you
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  1. You should try earning the money yourself.People like me aren't really going to donate thousands of dolars for someone else's gaming PC.
  2. Hi Kamen_BG, firstly sorry for not mentioning it in the first post. I'm raising the fund myself on a side working as a warehouse assistant, hard job didnt pay much. I couldn't work the full 2 months out of my holiday as i still got school projects i need to work on. Not getting money from my parents anymore, the pay that i got have to balanced out for the rest of my semester till the next holiday where i can find another part time job. So was just hoping that i could raise a little extra funds to make my dream come soon faster.

    Marcus Teh
  3. Opening a thread just for begging money? -.-

    Work your ass off mate! you cannot pursue your dream if you don't do anything.
    I understand your position because i have also a dream pc a gaming rig that want to purchase but no money. Unfortunately now i have it all, working online.

    Stop wasting your time dreaming only, Get a job and don't be too lazy.
  4. your better off walking into a local credit union and having them open up a saving acount that you can drop 10-20 out of your paycheck into..20.00 a week for one year will get you a nice 1000.00 to fund a gaming rig. if built right you can gave a good system next year for not much more then 1000.00. depending on part prices at the time and the hardware that out.
    if i was building a rig today i use a i5-3570 and an ati card for there muilt monitor support (7850/7870). it should play most games fine. have 8g of ram a standard 1g hard drive. (can toss in a 128g ssd for 80.00-100.00 depending on model and sales price. do not do a newbie mistake and try and buy one piece per month...if you get a doa part it be out of the return windows when you find out. also part prices drop as newer cards..gpu come out. the new 8000/800 ling of gpu will be dropping soon as well as in april trime fram the intel haswel cpu. also on your tax refund if you get one drop it into the bank for your pc build. another option in a few weeks is the seasonal hiring for people to put bikes together at k-mart..walmart..toy stores...also stock clerks. if there a local micro center try getting in there for the holiday season and use there employee discount if they still have them. also if you have a large family have them give you amazon or new egg gift cards for the holiday. then use them to buy your parts with.
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