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Hi Guys,
I want your opinion on deciding to replace my 27" Samsung SyncMasterSA350 Monitor to dell ultra sharp U2410 24" Monitor,
The reason i want to replace the 27" to 24" U2410 monitor, because the quality picture of my current 27" is pretty not sharp at all,is not even sharp on my dad macbook pro, and i heard of my friend that the dell ultra sharp series are much better picture quality like sharpness and, crisp.

So the problem is, Does switching to 27" to 24" will make me uncomfortable because i'm used to 27" like for a 6 months? or the picture quality will satisfy just satisfy me. For now, i think i'm willing to sacrifice the 27" monitor for the sake of the picture quality, but i want you guys your opinion first, that's what i thought.

I'm usually watching movie, anime and just playing fps games( Not to much for games anyway,i just play about when i'm in the mood though :na: )

The Dell Ultra sharp 27" anyway, is out of option of mine for now, because is so damn expensive...if you got some other monitor that you recommended other than dell ultra sharp and same 27" if possible , please tell me, I would really appreciate.

what you think guys?

Sorry for my English by the way
Thanks guys.
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  1. I've got a Dell U2412M, very similar (1920x1200), and it is a VERY nice monitor. Yours has the same resolution, and is an IPS panel, which is brighter and better than the cheaper TN panels. My last two monitors have been Dell IPS panels and I love them. I spend so much time on my PC every day that it's worth it to spend more for the monitor, although I only buy the Dells when they're on sale. You can usually find them on sale every month or two.
  2. no, i think mine got only the 1920x1080 , that's one of reason to i want to change to dell..for some reason, i want to sell my current monitor and buy the Dell U2412M, but i don't know where to sell them properly...@_@
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