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Hi all,

Have a quick question about PSU for AMD FX 8120 CPU and ASUS GTX 550ti GPU working together. Planning on building new system for 3D modeling and rendering so CPU would be quite often under full load. Would Corsair cx500 be enough for this configuration? not planning to OC at the moment but my try to squeeze out around 4.0GHz from this CPU in the future.
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  1. Yes it would. The most the system will utilize even with a mild overclock would be in the neigbourhood of 325-350W ish.

    I personally would go with a stronger PSU such as:

    Antec Earthwatts 500W 80 PLUS BRONZE 69.99 (don't forget a power cord!)

    PC Power and Cooling 500W 80 PLUS BRONZE 64.99 (+$20 MIR!)

    But by far the best choice in my opinion would be:

    Seasonic 550W 80 PLUS GOLD Fully Modular PSU 99.99
  2. niether of the recommended units. use this

    as for the GPU, id highly suggest something like a 7850 at the bare minimum. the 550ti just sucks
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