Would a USB sound card work if the on-board headphone jack is erratic?

The on-board headphone jack on my Dell laptop has loosened up and will probably require a soldering job so I am looking forward to buying a USB sound card instead. The issue is that the pin (I think it is a pin) that senses whether the headphone is plugged into the jack is permanently pressed in (I can't get it out). That is even if I pull out the headphone, the audio is not routed via speakers.

In such a case would the USB sound card work? Assume you have a headphone plugged in already to the on-board jack, would the audio still be routed via the USB sound card? (does it kind of override the on-board sound?)

If yes, suggest some good USB sound cards please.
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  1. Might be worth while re-installing your Audio drivers available from Dell.com. Meanwhile an inexpensive means of testing whether the USB card will work...
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