Which temps are right? (A10-5800K)

I'm confused, because the ASRock utility is showing normal idle temps, Speccy is showing way above normal, and HW Monitor is showing both. My bios temps are the same as the ASrock utility. Which one is accurate?

Also, I have 2 case fans, but one doesn't show up for some reason. It is spinning.
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    Is your case fan hooked up to a motherboard header that actually reads RPM? Not all fan headers offer full support, especially if it isn't PWM. Please, don't tell us what case fans you have, what type they are, and where you plugged them in!

    Why don't you use a proper thermal monitor like HWinfo or Coretemp?

    Wat. I'm just telling you I have proper airflow to rule that out of the equation. No program I've tried will tell me my core temps. They all say 0C. It must be a bad sensor or something.
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    I have read several comments in other sites that have the same problem. Almost all the solutions were to update the BIOS (was giving false temp readings.

    try using other software that can tell you what the temp is. From the comments and articles I have read, they discovered that the BIOS temp was false while the softwares they used showed very close readings.

    I hope this helps.
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