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Hi Guys,

i have an OCZ 60gb ssd, i had it connected to an MSI Z77A-G41 mobo. i recently got an ASrock z77 extreme 4, and i notice when windows 7 starts up, it takes about 2-3 seconds longer to load up than it did when connected to the MSI board...? i have since tried it connected back to the MSI board, and it was quicker again, proving its the motherboard.

I haven't noticed any real world difference, its still way faster than the disk drive. the way i tested is not very scientific, i just time the amount of time it takes my pc to start up. with the msi board,when windows loads the four colored squares JUST start to fly towards each other and then i go to the desktop. with the ASrock board it loads for a further 2-3 second from that point before taking me to the desktop.

is there anyone who can explain to me why? can i regain my 2-3 seconds back? its not a lot of time but surely an SSD should be able to do a lot in 2-3 seconds? Could it be the SATA 3 controller they use on the ASrock boards? i would also wonder if reviewers take something like this into consideration when reviewing SSD's (should it be a motherboard/controller issue)?

the rest of my pc is as follows:

I5 2500K
ASrock extreme 4
2x 500gb seagate hdd's
1 x 60GB OCZ SSD
Xonar DGX
2 x 4GB corsair vengance
corsair 600T

thanks guys, i am very interested to hear any thoughts on this!
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    personally, whenever i change MoBo, i reinstall windows to avoid compatibility issues (like this). i think that is most likely. the change of sata 3 controller shouldnt make a difference as there is no way that the SSD will fully saturate the connection.
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