Motherboard vs graphics card

GA-990A-DS3 (£53) and radeon hd 7850 (£143)

m5a99x evo (£83) and radeon hd 6870 (£113)

m5a99fx pro (£103) and radeon hd 7770 (£93)

whats the best for performance while gaming (i guess the best gpu?) and what does the more expensive motherboard offer me that i cant get from the cheaper one
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  1. The first one is going to give you the best gaming performance but it will not allow you to overclock your CPU.So if you actually want to overclock your CPU then the second one is much better.
    The third one isn't even worth considering as it's graphics card is a lot worse than the other two.
  2. why wouldnt i be able oc the processor on the first one? (my processor is the fx-4170)
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