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  1. That's a killer PC.The only thing most of us would do is make you a PC with the same performance for less.
    But im going to do another thing.
    Make it even better.
    What i think you should do is.

    First buy this CPU

    And this motherboard.

    This will make your PC much, much more future proof.
    Buy two of those dual channel kits.
    They are just as fast as the Corsair Platinum ones.But they don't look nearly as awesome.Still they are a lot cheeper.

    Buy the PSU from here and save 40 pounds.

    Or buy this one if you really want something future proof (Quad SLI FTW)

    And instead of the GTX 690 buy two of those.They are going to be faster, run cooler and produce less noise.

    And finally i'd get this case instead but its personal preference really.
  2. What resolution are you playing at because a 690 or two 680 in SLI (same thing for the most part) is complete overkill if your playing at 1080.
  3. Kamen, I'll look into detail about what you suggested.

    Andrew, yes it'll be 1920 x 1080, but obviously maxed settings.
  4. What I'm saying though is that for a single screen a 680 is considered overkill. Getting two would just be a waste of money unless you buy another two monitors for a 3 monitor setup.
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