Another battlefield 3 problem - Need some more solutions

I am having issues with battlefield 3...surpise!

My issue with the game is that it is VERY stuttery. I guess the best example of what happens is this

I have looked ALL day for a solution, nothing yet.

First off my hard ware

Zotac 570
8gig's ram
965 OC w/ good cpu fan
600 watt OCZ power supply.

I've tried all the commands, all the options, nothing. What is weird is when I aim down the sights, it isn't as bad. But when I am running around and just free aiming.

I can 30-40 FPS with ultra or low settings it doesn't matter. I have the beta version of the 570 version 304.79 with directX 11.1.

Everything is fully updated and works fine in every other game ever.

My mouse is the logitech g9x and is fully updated as well.

What is some things I should try?


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  1. Question for you, what is the average and max CPU utilization during gameplay? I know I had (and still do in some cases) have this issue despite graphics settings. Granted, I understand I'm running older hardware, (Q6600 OCed to 2.8) but I've had this issue as well and I'm positive it is caused by FSB/CPU bottleneck.

    All 4 cores for me are over 88% utilized despite .ini and graphics settings.

    EDIT: To give you a bit more information, I mainly run into this problem when the draw distance is higher (large maps) and there are more players (48-64 player servers). In these cases I can hit 96-100% utilization momentarily which causes a bad stutter and framerate loss. Also, like you experience, when I'm scoped this is less of an issue.

    For me it seems that only solution is to have a CPU (6/8 core) with a lot of bandwidth coupled with decent speed (3Ghz >), this game's physics and scale just eats processors for lunch!

    Intel Q6600 OCed to 2.8 Ghz
    8 GB Corsair Vengeance (1333 Mhz)
    ATI 6870 GPU
  2. I would say on average between 60-80 percent.

    This happens all the time, inside, outside, when in campaign with nothing happening or on multi-player.
  3. If it is asymptomatic in regards to your CPU, that puts a bit of a kink in my ideas. 60-80% should be acceptable in regards to stutter.

    I never really had the problem in campaign, but I used to have more of a continual studder until reduced my draw distance in the settings file, removed blur, dropped my resolution from 1920x1080 to 1600x1200, and updated my Catalyst drivers - that actually did help reduce some of the stutter for me.

    Otherwise I'm not too sure what else you can do based on my experience, sorry mate.
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