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Which version of windows 7 should I use?

Hello Guys.Can you help me decide of which is the best windows 7 for my system.I will use my system mainly for gaming.
My specs are:
GPU:gtx 560
Motherboard:MSI P67A-C45

My question is:
will upgrading to a windows 7 ultimate 64-bit make me gain more fps in games?
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  1. No, Ultimate just gives you more stuff you can do in Windows. It won't give you more FPS.
  2. just get a 64 bit oem
  3. Some people have even suggested Ult will slow you down - as it has more processes to support its extended features.

    Not sure I buy that thoery (in terms of tangible impact on games perfromance)... but it will be overkill for what you need

    Go for 64 bit Home premium... OEM if you will stick with it on this machine... Retail if you think you may want to move it to another PC in the near future (and be realistic... you will prob want Win 8 when that comes out... so unless you have compelling reasons - OEM will prob be fine).

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    +1. if your gonna build a gaming RIG, Home Premium has probably been the most purchased copy of windows for gamers because it has everything we need and nothing more or less. OEM makes it affordable
  5. Hi :)

    By the way..buying an OEM without hardware is illegal.....I know a lot of people do it...but that does NOT make it legal....

    Oems are for people like me (system builders) to try and make a profit, when we build our own machines to sell to customers....

    (apologies to all, but its one of my pet hates)

    Newegg know perfectly well its illegal but still do do many other sites :(

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Controlling the way OEM is used is impossible. That is why Newegg sells it.
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