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HEllO, :hello:

Game slows down after a few minutes of play......m getting this problem in all,gta 4,prototype 2,ghost reacon future solider,bf3,crysis 2... . i actually play these game on between medium to max settings....and i get fps around 40 to 55....but suddenly the game slows down and give 10 to 15 fps....and again after few minutes it works fine.....m playing these games on 1920x1080 resolution.

my system spec....
processor-amd phenom II X4 955, 3.2ghz
GPU-Asus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
RAM-6 gb 1333mhz
PSU-cooler master extreme power plus 650W

i think m getting this problem because my cpu bottlenecking my graphics card..... :pt1cable:

plz help guys......and sry for my bad english....
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  1. plz ....reply guys.......
  2. no beacuse the graphics card cant handle 1920by1080
  3. Thermal throtling might be the issue. Try to see if you have it enabled in BIOS (its a CPU feature). Try to disable in BIOS things like: CPU temp warnings and etc. You CPU might get hot and then throtles down untill the temp its in the limit again.
  4. and the GTX 560Ti handles 1080p just fine ...dont mind skitz
  5. oh it can i didnt know opps
  6. Wait, you suspect thermal throttling and want him to disable the things that will save his CPU from frying itself??? Bad idea.

    I agree that throttling could be happening, But I wouldn't turn off Cool N Quiet. (CnQ) Definitely use some software and see how hot your CPU and GPU gets. I'd also suggest the normal things like defrag, sweep for virus, update drivers, etc.
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