Enter-world com pci usb card 2 0 driver how to install

i have purchased a pci usb card 2.0 from enter peripherals. i got a cd along with it but drivers iam unable to install.after completion of installation process iam getting an error. also iam not sure about the way which i followed to intstall is correct. help me
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  1. A PCI USB card is one of the easiest cards to install in a PC as in most cases no external driver installation is necessary for Windows XP-SP1 and later Windows versions. Where drivers are supplied with the card, they are usually required only if you are running an OS older than Windows XP.

    You have said you are getting an error, but unhelpfully you haven't said what that error actually says which could help us identify the problem, nor have you said which OS version you are running. Please rectify your omissions in a new post.

    Thank you
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