I5 2320 3.0ghz question

I am considering upgrading my PC with a HD 7950 and a new psu. The PC is a store bought... I know, wasnt confident enough to build my own yet. Gateway DX4870-UB21P is the Model. My main question is with this pc/cpu paired with the hd 7950 be able to play most new games maxed at 1920x1080, or would some componet of this pc bottleneck the card. Main games I plan on playing crysis 3, bioshock infinite, and planetside 2.
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  1. your low end cpu will bottleneck the high end gpu
    sell it and build your own
  2. I disagree with alvine. A 2320 will not bottle neck the 7950 at 1080p.
  3. i5-2320 is NOT low end!!

    CPU is more than adequate. I would be concerned with your power supply being able to handle a 7950, however. Check out the max watts and amps on the 12V rail to make sure. My guess is you will be looking for a new 500-600W unit as well.
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