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I have just recently downloaded the software SpeedFan for measuring PC temperatures and controlling fan speeds. I did this because I want to OC my video card (7950) but wanted to verify I had sufficient cooling beforehand.

Everything was good except for one probe (called Temp2) was measuring 50C temps when my PC was idling. Every other probe was in the low thirties except for my GPU which was around 39 and my 4 CPU cores which stayed at around 28-32C.

How would I go about locating the probe, which is called Temp2 by SpeedFan. Is there another software I can download to help me or a set of instructions I can follow to locate the "hotspot" and turn some fans that direction. Any improvements in general cooling are welcome as well, I am not too familiar with how the airflow should be and etc..
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  1. not too sure about locating the probe, but here is a bit of info on airflow!
    The best way to check your airflow is to remove your side cover, grab a desktop or free standing fan and blast it at max towards the inside of your case, thrash your system using a prime 95 or OCCT test (stress testing software) and note the temps. then put the side cover back on and repeat the process. if your temps are more than 5 degress C lower when you have the cover off and the big fan blowing in, you have airflow issues.

    Now, how to deal with them!

    generally, airflow should work a little something like this: front, bottom, side=intake. rear and top should be exhaust. you then have a general direction for airflow, and seeing as hot air rises, it will be the best thing to have air exhausting from the top of your case (not the front, which is at the bottom, only pushing out the coolest air that is in there). i tend to prefer having more intake than exhaust as is means less dust in your case due to a pressurised system.
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