Looking for a Modd'ing service I am over my head

OKay I stuck out the four services I found online have all declined to do the modd'ing I am looking for most were too busy I am in Oregon but I don't mind dealing with a service over the mail and shipping. I have build additions to my house, adding bathrooms and replaced all the pumbing and wiring passed on my first inspection but this small detail work is outside of my skill set so I am looking for a service that can make my dream come true.

I am looking for a custom case that could be based loosely on the Mountain mods
Pinnacle 24 - CYO (Custom Computer Case)there are other cases that would work(LD 8 by Little devil and case labs 8) but this one would require the smallest amount of modding in my opinion.

Issues with this case it has zero wire mgmt. I need a fully black sleeved modular power supply I am thinking of the corsair AX1200i

Corsair Link Light controllers
I will provide two of these that need to be mounted on the video cards they will be programmed to scroll HAL-9000
I am also building the HAL-9000 Eye with breathing LED

Dump Dual Pumps

Front Panel
I want the Front Panel rotated 180 degrees so the drive cages are on the bottom Hidden behind an expanded aluminum panel that hinges down or to the side opening the panel will reveal the CD/DVD and the power Reset Buttons and Led the P-24 is "hyper Modular and the panel can't be rotated I am assuming the video cards will still fit with the panel rotated and drives installed.

Right side panel single 1080 Radiators to cool dual 7970 WC and a I7-3930k

Left side panel
Full clear or very lightly smoked acrylic

EATX Motherboard tray ASUS P9X79 DELUXE Water cooled if possible but not nessiary
All the normal front panel holes removed and in their place a single 200mm hole to mount the pulsing red eye into and I will mount it just need the hole cut about 2 inches higher than the drive cages and centered side to side.

When it is all done I want it to look like the attached photo and Linked video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yD6PdjYyvo
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  1. I am zero for seven all of the Modding services I have found have declined does anyone have a Pro Modding service that can suggest?

    I want to turn the front of this case http://www.mountainmods.com/pinnacle-24-cyo-custom-computer-case-pi-498.html into this http://www.therpf.com/f9/hal-9000-panel-2001-space-odyssey-pg-119324/ replace one side panel with full acrylic, rotate it do the drives are on the bottom and make a door that will cover the drive bays and power switches so that when it is done it looks like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yD6PdjYyvo
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