Is my PSU, GPU or Monitor the cause of my issues?

My computer display turns off randomly when playing games. The monitor will blank out then go to the no input screen. I need to then do a hard reset to get it to display anything again. My computer is not overheating so what could this be. I ordered a power supply tester. But what would you think would cause this. I am leaning towards my GPU.

p9x79 pro
i7 3820
8gb 1600mhz ram xmp enabled
Corsair HX 850 Watt PSU
XFX 7950 Factory Overclock

My monitor is a I-INC 25" 1080p monitor with hdmi and vga
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  1. Was having the exact same issue a few days ago. Had a ASUS 660 ti and swapped it out for my gigabyte 7770 and everything has been running fine since. Just need to figure out if it's either the card or the PSU.
  2. Any advice on what to do? Pearsondka, it might be that your power supply is not supplying enough power to your 660ti. If that is not the case its your 660 ti since your 7770 runs fine
  3. Delete this lol
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