Why is my GTX 570 so loud?

So I recently replaced my GTX 550ti with a Zotac GTX 570. My 550 was nearly silent, even at full load. The new card however, seems to have a very loud. When it's at around 55%+ it gets noticeably louder. Maybe I'm just used to hearing no noise from my PC. Temps are good too, around 37C at idle and max 80C at full load. Thoughts?
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  1. How much is the noise is? 40db-50db I guess. That's not very noisy. The 570 is much noisier than the 550 Ti so you might be not used to it.
  2. I'm honestly not sure how loud it is in db's. My 550 was totally silent though at full load so maybe I'm just not used to it.
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