Power supply too small for GEFORCE GTX 560ti?

So I bought the 560ti card and also bought a new power supply to meet the required 500 W or greater power supply. I went ahead with the min required and bought a 500 W PSU.

When I plugged it all in, the computer would not turn on. The light on the front would come on, and the fans on the case, CPU, and graphics card would all spin for half a second and then stop. The computer never booted on. Then when I unplug the supplemental 6 pin power cords from the video card, the system starts buzzing right up.

So I am thinking that the power supply is the issue. I am wondering why though because it says on the box for the power supply 500 W, and the min requirement is 500 W.

However, I noticed that it also says in parenthesis: with a minimum 12V current rating of 30A. My PSU specs is as follows:

DC Output: (+3.3V 22A +5V 25A) = 165W Max. Output

(+12V(1) 18A +12V(2) 18A) = 360W Max. Output

(-12V .5A) = 6W Max. Output

( 5V(Sb) 2.5A) = 12.5 Max. Output

So does that meet the requirement of a 500W or greater system power supply with a minimum 12V current rating of 30A?
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  1. 30A shouldn't be too low. But you might replace the PSU, you can go to any computer shop and then tell them borrow the power supply.
  2. I am not sure I understand you. 30A is what it requires, so I realize it is not too low. The question is whether or not my PSU meets that 30A requirement. Or what else could be the matter if it clearly does. The confusion is in the fact that I have 2 12 V rails at 18A.

    I plan on testing it at a shop but would like to know the answer based off of the specs provided.
  3. What brand & model is your power supply. Some manufacturers inflate the ratings. It has been said many times - stick with quality companies. Make sure the card and power connectors(on gpu and mobo) are all plugged in all the way.
  4. It is an "Extreme Power Plus 500W" that looks to be made by Cooler Master. Model number RS-500-PCAR. I do believe everything is plugged in correctly, although there is always the possibility that I messed up plugging the video card in. What other possibilities could the problem be? Keep in mind that the system boots up fine once I unplug the supplemental power from the graphics card.
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