Ping shoots up when CPU under load. Random hard crashes


I just built a new PC a few months ago, and I've kind of been having this problem. It used to go away after a reboot, and be very rare, but now it's 100% repeatable. When I run something that stresses the CPU my ping to my router skyrockets. It becomes so jittery with pings from <1ms to 1000ms and sometimes host not reachable or general fault. The pings drop back down to <1ms when I turn off prime95. The affects me very much in online games, and if kept up long enough it eventually crashes the computer requiring a hard reset. Very rarely I get a BSOD, which usually complains about a hardware fault. I have some experience with this stuff before, but this is a bit of a stumper.

Things I have already tried:

Swapped the ram

Swapped the graphics card

Swapped the Wireless card (pci-e and USB)

Rebooted the router

Unplugged peripherals

Reseated everything

Disabled overclock/overvolting

All temperatures at 70C or below


Intel i7 3770k

Asus Sabertooth z77

Mushkin Enhanced Redline Frostbyte 16GB 4X4GB PC3-17000 DDR3-2133 9-11-10-28

Corsair TX750w v2

ATI HD5770 1GB

Everything is still in warranty besides the graphics card, but I swapped it with my 8800gt which I knew worked and still had the same issues.

With a bit of google-fu I think I may have narrowed it down to either the PSU or Motherboard, but I would like to hear some suggestions. Also I'm from Canada so RMA'ing costs me >$20 in shipping and a week+ without my desktop so narrowing down what part I need would be great help to me. Thanks!
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  1. You internet ping has absolutely nothing to do with your cpu or load.

    Are you runing the ram at 2133mhz 9-11-10-28?

    That's not really supported by Intel. Try Intel XMP profile or try them at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24.

    70c is a bit hot, are you sure that's the hottest it's getting? What are you checking the temps with? Run Hardware Monitor while your gaming or whatever your doing to load the cpu and it'll recored how hot the cpu gets.
  2. All I know is my ping shoots up when load goes up. Don't ask me why.

    Ran was running at 2133mhz till I turned off my overclock. Running at stock FSB

    and 70c is the hottest it gets when I monitor using programs like speedfan and hardware monitor and OCCT. If I use Asus's temperature monitoring program that came with the motherboard, I get only 55C. These temps are with the overclock, running at stock everything nothing goes over 60C.
  3. Hardware Monitor will record the minimum/maximum temps reached during the session or as long as you have it open.

    What do you mean your ram is "running at stock fSB"??

    What exactly are you running it at speed and timings and voltage?
  4. Heres a screenshot that should explain everything.

    HW Monitor was open during PSU Test in OCCT which runs linpack and a graphics card stress test at the same time. After that I ran prime95 for a hour, no errors. And then played Crysis for about 20 minutes. So these are my max temperatures. This is after I reset my bios by "reset to optimized defaults" so I assume everything is at stock.

    I have ping open because it seems to be a good pre-crash warning. When my pings start shooting up the computer usually crashes soon after. No lockups yet today though.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, screenshot taken while prime95 was still running.
  5. Scratch that. Crashes started again, at the temperatures and speeds posted above.
  6. So your running your 2133 ram at 1333........have you tried Intel XMP profile?
  7. Yes, and I still get the same crashes. Thats what I always ran it at till these crashes started.

    I've removed my internal PCI-e wireless card from the computer completely and the problem seems to have gone away. I'll keep testing though.
  8. Ok, so as I said earlier removing the wifi card has fixed my issue. So I assume that it was the wifi card's fault. I just got a new card today though and installed it and still have the same issue. When my graphics card is stressed by a game or some kind of 3d application, my ping shoots through the roof. Both the graphics card and WiFi are on PCI-E so does that have anything to do with it? Any suggestions on where to go from here? I'm going to try another PCI-E 1x slot.
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