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Strange Temps on Stock Acer 3910-E3122 Mobo:59C idle, CPU 40, GPU 69C

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August 10, 2012 8:33:11 AM

Hello my friends,

I have a buddies computer and Im taking a look at it for him. He was saying it shuts down on heavy load when hes playing a game like fallout 3 about 20 minutes into it. I stressed that your probably getting a second life by your cpu shutting down in order to avoid damages. But when I got this puppy all hooked up at my house to take a look at, i had to question whats going on.

PCwizard off the bat in windows under no pressure is reporting

about a 40 C (for all 4 cores)

Mainboard is reporting an immediate 59C

GPU is at 60 C and then up to 69 C with just keeping the PC on in the time to write this message but not put it under any load.

I have an INFRAred gun I like to use to test pcs, I highly recommend getting one for anyone else out there.

But the gun is showing about a

42 C at the mainboard, except for the fact I can't get under the CPU to read the temp.

the gpu by the fan is actually reading about a 45C

the HDD is reading a 38C

Memory reading is 41C

***(All infrared readings are the highest temp readings i could possibily gather by scanning)

My AMBIENT ROOM TEMPERATURE according to my clock, my main computer and by window closest to air circulation. reads

Clock 27 C / My main computer Chasis 30 C (Zalman Z9 Plus), Room Temp (mid 9 fx 9foot center) 28 C, Window (50 cm from where computer is) 25 C )

Whats your thoughts ? Cause I dont understnad why the mobo is reporting 59 C without any work and next to near upon boot of the system.
My thoughts are bios problem, upgrade bios, but thinking that, I already am not impressed with reading on almost all the parts after about 30 minutes on idle. whioch is those readings now
August 10, 2012 8:50:49 AM

And I added this question to the GPu forum because I believe the GPU to be culpret , its the problem,

and im leaning very heavily towards this gpu being the problem still, but im awaiting a response from the community to tell me different.


Best solution

a c 181 U Graphics card
August 11, 2012 4:42:10 AM

59c at idle for the GPU is no good, you should be around 30c give or take a few degrees. Check to see if the fan is working make sure all the dust is out of the card.

I will link you to MSI Afterburner to check temps on the screen as you play the game sort of like a overlay. Plus it will display fps and usage of the GPU. Also you can set a way point for the fan.

What I mean is that you can set the fan settings to increase in speed as the temps rise. Then you can see for sure if the GPU is on its way out. That temp gun is good but to hit the processer on the head is hard to do.

Good for ambient temps in the case. I would trust my readings coming from the MOBO, CPU, and GPU etc. Run the program and see what happens then let us know what happened.

I will also give you the link to the user manual. Good luck.
September 20, 2012 8:16:11 AM

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