Computer turns on, nothing appears, then it turns off

Hi there, my 'school' computer (dedicated to doing schoolwork alone) just stopped working. It turns on, nothing appears on the screen, then turns off, then automatically turns on again and repeats the cycle. Any idea what can cause this? I'm guessing it's a CPU problem.. Thanks in advance.
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  1. is your cpu fan spinning?
  2. Yes it is, everything spins, but turns off, and then starts spinning again. Usually the computer beeps when no RAM is in the system but i tried it without RAM and it didn't make a sound, it just kept spinning silently. My guess is that it's a CPU problem, i'm not entirely sure tho..
  3. *Bump* Can someone help? :|
  4. sounds like a short

    take out the motherboard and make sure all unnecessary standoffs are removed, make sure that the motherboard screws are all screwed in and are tightly screwed in.
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