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Sup people, I have a 3250s Gateway, its very old. Earlier my sound card fried, poof. I looked in device manager and didn't see my speakers nor sound drivers, so I uninstalled my drivers, and nothing. I even reformatted the drive, nothing works. The Realtek audio drivers simply are gone. So my main issue is this, when i plug in headphones into the jacks in the back the pc doesn't recognize it, and when i plug the headphones in the front jacks, nothing happens there either, the headphones are some durracel ones, and they have headphone and mic capabilities, but only one male jack to it, not a double one. Any help?
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  1. well if your sound card went bad then yes you wont get sound on either front or for headphones they are nothing headphones have the same thing...when you plug the headphones to your audio port only the headphone will work, no microphone. headphones like those are designed for phones so you can use the headphones like a headset and the phone will see both mic and speakers with one input..
    also go to bios and under integrated devices see your status of the audio might be disabled for some odd reason
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly, I had no idea the sound card actually played a part in my headphone jacks, everyone I talked to thus far said to get headphones.

    So how do i go into BIOs?
  3. What OS are you running ? If none of the suggestions mentioned above works, you might ant to buy a PCI or USB sound card
  4. you go to bios by pressing delete key when you turn the computer on but before the windows loads so if you see windows its too late. yeah front panel audio and rear panel audio are driven by the same piece of hardware
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