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I have an amd a10-5700, quad core. I was thinking of getting a radeon 7750. Will this bottleneck the card? I might want to get a stronger card. What's the best gpu I can get before bottle necking occurs.
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  1. Considering the A10-5700 is a quad core AMD APU, it was meant to run with AMD cards. You shouldn't have any problem with the 7750,considering it is the low end of the 7000 series. Maybe could go to a higher card, but the higher you go the more the fact APU's don't have L3 Cache becomes more important in performance with discrete cards
  2. Do you know how far I can go up on radeon cards? I was also looking at the 7770 and 7850. I thought that 7870 and 7950 would be too much of a reach for the CPU.
  3. A 7770 or 7850, will do, it won't bottleneck those cards, it's a decent cpu even without the l3 cache.
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    The 7850 and up would be to much i believe, since those are on the higher side of the market. Those are the equivalent of running the Nvidia 660 and up.Any higher than the 7770 and your pushing the bottleneck, maybe even with the 7770.A 7870 is a nice card, but you might want to consider replacing the MB and CPU to a normal CPU, like an athlon, the FX series, or an Intel,not an APU.
  5. If you are going to get a higher end card like a 7870, 7950 or 7970 then there really is no point in getting the APU. The APU has a good integrated graphics but weak CPU core. If you are going to be getting a high-end video card it doesn't make sense to pair it with an APU as all you really have is a great video card with a weak CPU.
  6. I think he has already the cpu, it's not a good cpu for high end cards, but for a 7770,7850 or 650 ti or 660 gtx it will do, you won't experience a cpu bottleneck.
  7. Yes the pc I have came equipped with the processor that I mentioned earlier. It also came with an integrated 7660d. It's done well so far, but I want to expand my gaming experience a little further.
  8. There really isn't much you can do. You can do a hybrid crossfire but you can only crossfire up to a Radeon 6670. Anything greater than that hybrid crossfire will be disabled and you are stuck with a high-end video card with a weak CPU core. If you start to go into the an APU with something like a Radeon 7850, 7870,7950,7970 or GTX 670/680 the APU will start to bottleneck the graphics card.
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