New PSU, PC has problems

Hello guys,

I just bought a xfx psu and after plugging all the cables in and making sure i was grounded all the time I pressed the power switch and it didnt start.

After that i was googling for the solution and found the jumper trick with tha main connector.

I did the trick and the computer reacted after pressing the power button.
It started to beep constantly.
I contacted Gigabyte support and the guy on the phone told me that the cpu or motherboard is broken but i am not sure if that is the case.
Can you help me out there guys?

CPU: Athlon 2 x3 445
GPU: sapphire 5770
MoBo: MA74GMT-S2
New PSU: XFX core 550w
Ram: 8GB Corsair
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  1. Did you make sure that you plugged everything in? Maybe re-do it just in case. Had this happen with a friend's computer...he swore he did it right (and got offended at my suggestion) but he was wrong and it all worked out in the end.
  2. I did plug everything in.
    I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out the error.
  3. I also have another psu here from bequiet!.
    The same problem.
  4. *bump*
  5. I hate jumping the gun here but if you get the same problem with 2 different hardware then it might be a hardware failure. Did you do anything else other than swap the PSU?
  6. no.
    I only swapped the psu.
    I connected everything and tried to start it up but as is said nothing happened.
  7. Did the beeping you mentioned have a specific pattern to it, or was it one long beep? The "beep" usually indicates the cause of the error, so if you were told by a technician that it's a mobo/cpu failure, then there's a good chance it's true. You could try some last resort stuff, just in case. Remove everything, re-seat the CPU, move some RAM sticks around - I don't this point we're grasping to straws, I'm afraid (sorry...)

    Also, unplug the power to your drives and remove your GPU completely - basically just try to see if the mobo and CPU is the problem. Even without all the other components, you should still be able to turn the power on (normally). If it all comes on, then the problem lies with a drive, GPU, etc.
  8. haha :D
    i already did everything you are saying :)
    i guess i have bad luck and have to get a new cpu or motherboard.
    can you reccomend me some?
    i have around 180 euros budget which i was intentionally planning for a new gpu but i guess that has to wait now :D
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