Nvidia Gt 530 - 3 monitors

Hello, im aware that the card only supports 2 monitors and that the motherboard will be disabled because im using the graphics card ports.Is there a way to get a 3rd monitor working as an extended desktop?maybe via usb to monitor equipment?
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  1. Motherboard will not definitely be disabled - it depends on its model. For example, sandy bridge/ivy bridge motherboards can run monitors in addition to discrete card.

    If your motherboard does not support that, you could get another graphics card for the third monitor. Anything cheap (below $40) would do.
  2. My motherboard isnt either of those and getting a 2nd graphics card isnt an option at this time
  3. I guess you won't be able to connect a third monitor. Is there any reason why you cannot get a graphics card?
  4. Buy this video card "Galaxy - MDT X4 GeForce 210" it supports 4 screens and only 90$ at bestbuy, or yes they sell usb video cards
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