CPU and Graphics card upgrade?

I am thinking of upgrading a couple components in my computer and i need help. I play guildwars 2 and my current system cannot keep up. here is what i have.
Acer aspire M5640 motherboard
Intel Duo core E7200 @ 2.53GHz
Ram 3GB ddr2 800
windows Vista 32 bit
2x 500 GB hard drives
GTS 250 geForce graphics card
and i believe a 420w power supply

i realize its not a very good computer but i dont want to buy another unless i have to. will upgrading the video card and processor be enough to catch up? and what kinds will be compatible? i am looking at spending around 300-400$ anymore and i may as well buy a new comp. thanks tons for your thoughts.
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  1. It's not easy finding compatibility information for motherboards in brand-name computers since they are custom made for the manufacturer so such info is not generally released to the public.

    If you had a "stock" retail motherboard (ie built the PC yourself or built-to-order) the compatibility information is readily available.
  2. Socket 775 is what your processor and your motherboard takes DDR2 from the looks of it. I would suggest to get a new computer. Build it yourself or get something updated with an i5 in it. Or you can get a new motherboard + RAM + CPU + GPU so it can keep up Guild Wars 2. That's all I can say at this point, sorry if this wasn't to much help. I even upgraded from an old Phenom 9850 in a pre-built to the one I have now. Built myself, and had help putting the compents into the case. Best of luck to you. <3
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