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Will FX-4300 work on an 890FX

This may sound like a dumb question, but I need to know for sure if this will or will not work.

I'm about to upgrade my pc and Im really interested in the FX-4300 Vishera cpu, but it occured to me that my 890FX Deluxe4 motherboard is a few years old and it may not work.

When I looked at the compatibility page, , it doesnt specifically list it as supported but says that in a bios update it now supports AM3+.

I found this page, , which says some later 800 series boards are compatible.

Anyone know for sure if this will work or not?

Update, I was just looking at some benchmark tests, and it seems the 6 or 8 core visheras are much better, so if the 4 core would work would the 6 or 8 core also work?
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    Some FX 8 Core are supported, namely the FX 8100 (Which i didn't know even existed) and the FX 8120.
    However no Vishera CPU's are supported as of now, so just to be sure, go in a PC shop and ask someone to test if your motherboard supports Vishera CPU's.
    And if it does, i strongly reccomend you buy either a 6 or a 8 core.
  2. Dang, well, right now I have an X4 975 with a stable oc of 4.0. I am planning to get a 7970 Lightning, and I didnt want my cpu to be a bottleneck when I play games. Basically I want o get the best gaming experience possible, will my current cpu be an issue?

    Otherwise, Ill have to get a new motherboard as well as the new cpu, and I cant afford that and the Lightning.

    Does anyone know if the FX-8120 is any good?
  3. If you have a PhII X4 @ 4.0, don't bother swapping cpus. Bulldozer chips are slower performance than PhII and the Vishera chips are only slightly better. Clock for clock your PhII is actually probably a little faster. Just get the GPU and be happy with it. :)
  4. I know my 890fx crosshair IV takes fx 8350 and can overclock without a problem, and asus says it only supports the 8150 with the bios update. I would say it wouldnt be bad to try as the cpu can be returned, but its weird that ur board only supports the 95w am3+ cpus.

    I read that with bio update 1.6 it gave support for bulldozer, and 1.7 seems like beta which just came out may give u the piledriver support, as it shows modify cpu code

    If u could get piledriver i would def got 6300 over the 4300 its only $10 more and if u can the 8350 as it'll beat out the phenom II line
  5. Well, thank you both very much for your responses. You were very helpful, I think I may just have to stick with my current cpu and put that money elsewhere.

    If anyone else has anything to add, all suggestions and info are welcome.
  6. I would have rather paid a little extra for the FX6300, the FX4300 is no good.
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