Graphics processor choos

I need a new graphic processor, mine did crash;
I am working on a thesis, so I need a new one fast.

I have a old computer:
Intel core 2CPU 6320 1,86 GHZ

Power supply
400 W
340 W MAX

50 to 100 120 max

Old GP:
NVIDEA Geforce 8500 GT

No gaming, but use of photoshop

Who can help me?
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  1. Your budget ?
  2. Between 50 en 100
  3. CoachDO said:
    Between 50 en 100

    You can get a HD 5750 or GTS 250

    But you have to overclock your CPU
  4. So really all you need it for is to power your monitor right? Then something like a gt 520 should be fine...

    You use photoshop on a dual core 1.8ghz? Daaaamn! I don't know how you do it :D
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