Need gpu for 350w psu!

Hey, I'm looking for a new gpu, the problem is that I have 350w psu, I was thinking of getting hd7770 but I think it needs at least 400w+ psu. Right now I'm thinking of getting hd7750. Is there anything better than 7750 for 350w psu, if not what kind of 7750 should I get? (Asus, Sapphire, etc)

Also please don't say that I need to replace my psu.
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  1. If you have a good quality 350 watt power supply, and not a ton of hard-drives in your system, a 7770 will run on it.,3135-14.html

    A cheapo 350 watter won't run it though, or at least I would not risk frying my system with one.
  2. what kind of 350w psu is that? yes i would safely recommend 7750.
  3. I'm not sure what kind of psu I have, it's a stock psu that came with my pc. I'm currently out of the country so I can't check which brand it is (I don't remember but as I've said, it's a stock psu so it's nothing special). Oh, and I have only 1 hard drive.
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