Hd 6970 black screen

Hi guys,

I have a hd6970 and one day when i resumed from sleep mode the screen remained black. I rebooted but the screen remained black. I know the system was still booting into windows 7 as i can hear the windows chime music through the headphones.

I took the card out and cleaned it. Put it back in and still black screen. I tested a spare nvidia gtx 260 in the system and it works fine so i think to myself that the card is faulty. I take the 6970 to a mates house and it works fine.

The only power differences between the two is the ati has 1x 8 pin and 1x 16 pin molex the nvidia has 2x 4 pin.

I tried to spread the load across my new antec 750 w psu by using 2 different rails to power the one device but it makes no difference.

This is a card that has been working perfectly fine in my system for a long time.  I dont think its a power issue as the psu is new and it fires up the nvidia card normally into windows where i can play for hours.

Please help.

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  1. Sorry its actually 2x 6 pin for nvidia and 1x 8 pin + 1x 6 pin for the ati card
  2. have u tried to change your display cables?
  3. No i have not, but im using the same cable/monitor as the one thats working now with the nvidia card. I even tried both ports on the ati card and nothing.
  4. you might have a faulty card
  5. But it works on my mates pc
  6. Well i tried a vga cable with a hdmi to vga converter and now it works (ati card only has 2x hdmi and mini dvi)

    So the normal hdmi cable works with the nvidia card but not with the ati card anymore, go figure. Im going to try a new hdmi cable to see if it makes any difference.
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